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Chorister Code version 1.0

Warning: this code may only be applicable to choristers living in Australia. It is loosely based on the Geek Code.

Choristers can seldom be quantified. To facilitate the fact that within any one category the chorister may not be able determine a specific category, variables have been designed to allow this range to be included.

@ for variable, said trait is not very rigid, may change with time or with individual interaction.
() for indicating "cross-overs" or ranges. Choristers who go from s+ to s--- depending on the situation (i.e. mostly "s+") could use s+(---). Another example might be an h++(*). This would be a person who lives in a choral household with friendly musical people, but actually spends a lot of time in the pub anyway.
@ is different from () in that () has finite limits within the category, while @ ranges all over.

To start a code, a chorister must declare himself or herself to be a chorister. To do this, we start the code with a "C" to denote "Chorister", followed by one or two letters to denote the chorister's vocal part. Multi-talented choristers with more than one vocal range should denote their myriad of talents with a slash between each (example: CS/A/T)

S Soprano
A Alto
T Tenor
B Bass
G Groupie (I don't sing, I'm in it for the parties)
C Conductor or Accompanist
These may be modified in various ways:A2, B3 for second alto, third bass etc
! For total dedication to one part, eg S1! for first sop ONLY!!

Intervarsity record:

Vital information!
iv+ I've been to an IV
iv++ I've been to several IVs and plan on a few more yet
iv+++ I've been to an entire cycle of IVs
iv- I haven't been to one yet
iv-- You couldn't get me to an IV. Too cliquey and adolescent. Bah,humbug.
iv* I was conceived at an IV.

University Association:

We are all in university choirs - but not all of us have any connection with the university.
u I'm a student or worker at the uni whose choir I sing with
u+ I'm a student or worker at some other uni
u++ I'm a perpetual student, don't ask me about my thesis
u- I was a student at the University whose choir I sing with, but I've finished now
u-- I've never been associated with a university, I just come for the singing
u? What's a university?

Number of choirs:

How many are you in now? And what about your life history? The first number is the number you *currently* sing with. Then the second reflects AICSA choirs and the third other choirs, including all choirs you have ever been a participating member of after high school. eg c 1/2/3 for currently in one, have been in 2 AICSA ones and 3 others.
* means too many to remember


It is often assumed by outsiders that all choristers are religious fanatics or bores.
r+++ University choristers are sinful. I only sing with the church choir.
r++ I love singing masses, requiems etc because they make me feel closer to God. I distribute Evangelical Union pamphlets at choir practice.
r+ My religion is separate from my choir, although the musical connection is nice.
r I don't care, but I'm sick of Christmas carols.
r- The best thing about singing religious works is that they are usually in Latin so I can't understand them. NO! Don't tell me!
r-- I try to persuade the committee/conductor not to program religious works.
r--- I object so strongly that I won't even sing Bach's B minor mass.
r? none of your business


Do you socialise outside your obsession? Confess.
f I have some friends from choir.
f+ More of my friends are choristers than not.
f++ All of my friends are choristers.
f+++ I don't even know anyone who isn't a chorister.
f- I don't socialise in my choir
f-- I don't want to see any of those people outside rehearsal. Leave me alone.
f* All choristers are my friends


h There is a place for friends to notebash their parts around the piano. My housemates understand.
h+ Living with one or more registered choristers.
h++ Living with one or more registered choristers and some musical instruments, just down the road from several other choral households
h+++ Living with 47 musical instruments, a midi system and rehearsal studio. I can't remember whether the madrigal group has moved out yet.
h- Living alone with no musical instruments
h-- Living with one or more people who know nothing about being a chorister and refuse to come to our concerts.
h--- My housemates set fire to my piano and use my CD collection as coasters.
h* I live at the pub.

Pub participation:

Post-rehearsal coffee may substitute in some states.
p I go to the pub about half the time
p+ I go after nearly every rehearsal
p++ I go after every rehearsal and whenever else I can, too
p+++ I go to the pub INSTEAD of rehearsal
p- I go once or twice a semester
p-- I never go to the pub
p--- I don't even know where the pub is.

Organisational positions:

Some choristers like to organise, others to be organised.
o+++ I've run for every committee of every choir and every IV I've ever been involved in. I will do anything for power.
o++ I've been a committee member more than once, and I love the fame.
o+ I'm a helpful soul, and I've been on a committee but I don't feel passionate about it
o I vote at our AGMs/committee elections
o- Just let someone else organise me, I don't care who.
o-- I go to the pub if there are elections instead of rehearsals
o--- Anybody nominating me for anything dies
o* I'll do it if you make me dictator


It is a myth that all choristers can sight read Schoenberg.
s+++ I am a professional soloist. I won't sing unless you send money.
s++ I sometimes pass auditions to do little solos in the concerts
s+ I can sight read a bit and I'm nearly always in tune and on the beat.
s rank and file chorister, I do OK with enough rehearsal
s- I have to stand next to someone loud so I can follow
s-- I have to stand next to an s+++ person
s--- They wrote and told me the rehearsal venue had moved, but they didn't say where to.
!s I only sing at the pub after the third Guinness

Diaphragm control:

d++ Sutherland/Pavarotti, eat your hearts out
d+ I've had lessons
d I know what support means
d- What do support stockings have to do with singing?
d-- It always springs out and flies across the room


This code also is used to denote the gender of the chorister. Females use 'x' in this category, while males use 'y'. For example:
x+ A female who has had sex
y+ A male who has had sex.
For those person who do not wish to give out any details of their sex life, the use of x? (where x is the gender code) will allow you to so.
For those who do not wish to give out any details of their gender, the use of t (for tenor, regardless of your actual voice part) instead of x or y will allow this.
!x Sex? What's that? I've had no sexual experiences.
x+++ I've had sex with at least one person from each section.
x++ I only have sex with choristers.
x+ I've had sex, but it's none of your business with whom.
x- I prefer singing to sex.
x-- I'm going to join the convent/monastery choir.
x* I'm a pervert.
x** I've been known to make perverts look like angels.
x? It's none of your business what my sex life is like (this is used to denote your gender only).

On a related note, which society club would you be eligible for?
Note that the voice parts here refer to your personality style, not youractual voice part. For instance, Altos can join the Soprano Bimbo Gang if they feel it suits their style.
DOP Dirty Older Persons
CWF Corruptible Willing Freshers
PDS Pure as the Driven Snow
SYC Special Young Choristers
QAT Queer As A Tenor
BDB Big Dumb Basses
SBG Soprano Bimbo Gang
AIB Altos Into Bonding