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Other good netizens- DRU1D's Friends

I guess this kind of page is pretty standard. Everyone has one. But if I didn't have one, you'd have nowhere to go from here (I know I'm majorly kidding myself there...) Anyway, these are some of my friends. Please visit their pages (I promised them I'd do a free sales job) If you're my friend, and your URL is not here, click here to include it.

The Queers

These people are from Queer Tribes at the University of Queensland and various other places around Australia. All of them are queer or queer-friendly.

Michael Carden's Page
Michael Carden is my Faerie Godmother! He's also one of the nicest guys I know. His page could be described as extemely comprehensive- there is enough material there to fuel a month of happy surfing. His PhD thesis page (on Sodom, Gomorrah and Gibeah), and the area for the subject "Religion and Sexuality" which he lectures are definately worth a look. He also has links to practically everything you ever wanted to visit, and a great queer section.
"Ego Trip 4000"-Jo Nadler
Jo Nadler is the co-president of the Queer Sexuality Collective at UQ for 1999. He is also one of my best friends. His page is... um... interesting.
"Josef is a Diva!"-Jo Bucher
Jo is another really nice guy from UQ's Rona Room.
Sacha Blumen's Page
Sacha is doing his PhD in Maths at UQ. Correspondingly his page is maths-centered. If you want to avoid the maths, once you reach his homepage, scroll down towards the bottom and you will find many other non-mathsy things.
Queer Sexuality Collective (Queer Tribes)
The University of Queensland queer students group. Wander into the Rona room and meet loads of cool people.

Pictures of my Friends

This is Jo Nadler (of Ego-Trip 4000). The picture is called
"Good Times, Great Taste at McDonalds".

More pictures coming soon!

the DRU1D


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