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The Sections of my Page

Visit the DRU1D's lair
All you ever wanted to know (and then some) about... ME!
I've got something important to say...
About the cause to which I am most devoted- being bent.
DRU1D's Notes
This collection of pages documents my musical passions.
DRU1D's Bookshelf- Where the pen is mightier than the sword.
My favourite books, plays, poems and quotations, and some literary links.
The idiot box and associated things.
My favourite movies and TV shows, and associated links.
DRU1D's Kitchen.
Vegetarian and vegan recipes
DRU1D Roars!
Information about my crusades, passions and raves.
DRU1D's Reflections
Other Good Netizens
and how to find them.
Links from DRU1D's World
Every link from this site and a few more, categorised and arranged for your surfing pleasure.

Wow! psychotic goons have visited my wacky world!


to my humble electronic home- "DRU1D's Wacky World". Here you will be able to experience countless marvels (my shocking HTML programing- the marvel is that the browser can make sense of it) and wonders (for example, my somewhat dubious taste) that would be unavailable to you elsewhere. To enter, simply pick an area from the list at the top left of this page. Happy surfing! Coincidentially, this page is perpetually under construction.

WARNING: This page is not a Beatles-free zone. This page is not a Star Wars-free zone. This page is not a Savage Garden-free zone. This page is not a silverchair-free zone. This page is not a jazz-free zone. This page is not an opera-free zone. And finally, this page is not sexist, racist, ageist, blondist, heightist, xenophobic, homophobic or heterophobic, and if you are, I suggest you leave now.

this page is proudly child-safe, queer-friendly and vegetarian

Last updated Tuesday 28th September 1999

Out and Proud!
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